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Tiny Khimera Update! 2.6!

posted by Syaxamaphone
2017-09-10 13:40:40

A tiny engine update to Khimera's music. In addition to dropping the overall filesize, it removes the final barrier stopping me from exporting to other platforms. So that might be a thing eventually.

Version 2.6 - September 10, 2017

  • Altered music engine in preparation for future updates. Please let me know if any issues arise.
  • Altered '6' and '9' on default font to make it more readable.

Khimera Version 2.5 Quick Fixes!

posted by Syaxamaphone
2017-08-17 23:02:20

A quick fix for a glitch introduced in 2.4 and some other small things are out today!

Version 2.5 - August 17, 2017

  • Fixed clicking noise on exploding blocks in Brine Cave not stopping.
  • Misboro treasure value from 15 to 34.
  • Fixed lava Misboro still being immune to pizza.
  • Fixed two OOB exploits in Mt Afrokupa.

Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls version 2.4

posted by Syaxamaphone
2017-08-13 19:04:00

Today I've released a new version of Khimera. This version adds a bit more power to the mermaid anchor AND the saucy shot. The latter can now go through smaller enemies and projectiles! You can now also view the credits from the title menu (but you can't do the beat-em-up unless you beat the final stage).

Version 2.4 - August 13, 2017

  • Credits are now avaliable for viewing under the EXTRAS menu on the title screen.
  • new sfx engine should stop making sounds play at default volume for a split second before adjusting.
  • Increased spawn rate on credits fight, keeping screen clear will cause enemies to spawn much faster.
  • Saucy Shot now goes through projectiles and most smaller enemies.
  • You can now break open Mimi's treasure box with the Mermaid Anchor.
  • Fixed Mimi getting locked in her 'stunned state' if attacked.
  • Fixed Mimi being able to double jump.
  • Fixed Pumpkin King's hitbox extending out to the right too far.
  • Fixed miscolored dialogue.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • minor level modifications.

Khimera version 2.3

posted by Syaxamaphone
2017-06-12 15:06:51

Khimera: Destroy all Monster Girls is getting a small update today. Minor fix to Harpie boost, a bugfix and some dialogue edits.

Version 2.3 - June 12, 2017

  • Attack hitbox for Harpie boost now extends further down into Chelshia's body, allowing it to hit short enemies.
  • Fixed not being able to bounce on spiked blocks in Black Widow stages.
  • Fixed special DLC outfit dialogue triggered by halloween outfit.
  • Fixed inconsistancy in Estylia's dialogue before Mimi fight.

Khimera Version 2.2 Out

posted by Syaxamaphone
2017-05-19 14:12:52

This update fixes some minor issues, buffs the often misunderstood mermaid anchor and tweaks controller support for easier setup.

Version 2.2 - May 19, 2017

  • Fixed some out-of-bounds glitches in various stages.
  • Fixed candies spawned while game is paused being unobtainable.
  • Fixed being able to skip Pacifica's battle trigger.
  • Fixed breakable walls going through animation during pause menu.
  • Rising spike trap now breaks through Chelshia's chest.
  • Mermaid anchor deploys 5 frames faster.
  • Falling spike traps, cannonballs and track spikes can now be destroyed by the mermaid anchor.
  • Fixed crash on race mode stage select when nurse DLC is equipped.
  • Game now defaults to Xinput controller if one is plugged in on boot.

Khimera 2.1

posted by Syaxamaphone
2017-04-21 13:47:43

In response to some community feedback and bug reports, I've released a few quick fixes for Khimera:

Version 2.1

  • Fixed issue where monsters spawned in Serpantina's re-fight would get caught in the ceiling.
  • Fixed quiz questions regarding switch from Harpie Wing to Harpie Boost.
  • Chelshia is no longer effected by updrafts while dashing.
  • Chelshia bounces back down after uppercutting an enemy that still has health.
  • Fixed replay error when returning to trigger that starts 2nd harvest theme after it already started playing.
  • Fixed Harvestvania loop.
  • Second gate candy requirement from 18 to 16.
  • Final gate requirement from 36 to 32.


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